SpeedQuizzing Live Instructions

How to watch / play SpeedQuizzing Live:

If you only want to watch / listen, you’ll need one Laptop or tablet. Your quiz host will provide you with a link to the Zoom meeting or webinar.

Things you will need in order to play SpeedQuizzing Live

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Viewing Device: Internet enabled device to watch and hear the Zoom conference meeting.
  • Player Device: An internet enabled Android Smartphone tablet or Apple device with the SQLive app. 

What to do ahead of event.

What to do when the event starts.

  • When successfully connected you should hear the hosts voice or some background music.
  • Open the SQLive app on the player device.
  • Input the four digit pin number provided by your host, enter your team/player name and hit connect.
  • Follow audio instructions from the host.